Strictly 2016 Week 2 Review

Each Year Strictly Keeps Getting Better and Better.

The standard gets higher and higher. The professionals pull out all the stops with their celeb partners and bring out the best in them. The entire Strictly team know how to put on a show. 

Aljaz escorting the beautiful Tess down the Strictly stairs. Tess looked picture perfect in pink.



Up first Ore and Joanne danced a cha cha to the song Hot Stuff . They were on fire. Joanne has really brought out the more expressive side of Ore this week , his confidence is really growing as he performs but he still needs to work on his hip action .An improvement on last week. Love this pairing , it just works.



Claudia and AJ danced a waltz to “You light up my life”. It was a romantic dance. Claudia has beautiful arms and hands. Claudia would have a strong core from being a gymnast which is a great advantage where strength and balance are needed. They certainly lit up the Strictly ballroom. Beautiful!!

Will and Karen danced a Jive to ” Rock around the clock”. Loved their 1950’s look. That style of dance really suited Will, he looked at ease .Will for me is a natural dancer and his  timing was good. Love Karen imaginative themes and routines. Overall a good performance.

Lesley and Anton performed a cheeky cha cha to ” Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps”. Lesley looked amazing! Lesley really got into character for this dance. She put everything into  it. I feel Lesley is enjoying every moment of  dancing with Anton and the entire strictly experience as much as we are enjoying watching her. Well done Lesley.


Natalie and Greg performed a Tango to “Jump”. Greg jumped full force into this dance and held nothing back. I have to agree with the judges , Greg’s bottom has a tendency to stick a bit. Loved the dramatic ending. 


Tameka and Gorka danced a Charleston to “Yes Sir that’s my baby”. This lady just gets better and better . Tameka comes across as fearless, fiesty and is here to have fun. They certainly looked like they were having fun .There was one little slip up and Tameka recovered and carried on like a true professional . It was so entertaining to watch. 


Tameka’s love for dancing and  performing really showed in this dance. Can’t wait to see what they do next week.


Laura and Giovanni danced a Waltz to “If I Ain’t Got You”. Their topline was exquisite. I commented last week that I thought that the ballroom dances would suit Laura. It was graceful and elegant with a beautiful oversway. Laura appeared emotional after the dance , which showed she really connected to the meaning of the dance etc 


Melvin and Janette  performed a Tango  to “Moving on Up”. Melvin has improved  since last week and appears really dedicated. His posture still needs to be worked on and footwork . The timing was good. 


Louise and Kevin danced a Viennese Waltz to ” Hallelujah”. It was graceful and elegant. Louise really feels the music when she dances. A moving performance . I just adore Kevin’s choreography.


Anastacia and Brendan performed a Salsa to “Play that Sax”. I could see the restraint in Anastacia’s face as the dance went on. She wanted to perform to her best ability but due to an injury she sustained earlier , it prevented her from doing so . Well done Anastacia. Come back next week better than ever  😉 


Ed and Katya performed a Charleston to “The banjo’s back in town”. Who knew you had it in you Ed. Katya has brought out a side of Ed that brought delight to the Strictly ballroom . Ed was in sync with Katya throughout the dance. His timing was spot on. Dancing is meant to be fun . It was n absolute joy to watch . Loved it!!! 

Naga and Pasha danced a cha cha to ” Fool in Love”. Love Naga’s look, the hair was fab on her. She glittered in gold. I feel Naga was a bit reserved for this dance. Needed more hip action. Naga is a beautiful dancer, just more comfortable in ballroom. Looking forward to their dance next week. 


Robert (Judge Rinder) and Oksana performed an American Smooth to ” Marvin Gaye”. I commented last week that Oksana may have to tame Robert for ballroom …obviously not!! 😀 Judge Rinder is just so entertaining and that’s just his face . Love that face! Oksana put a lot of trust in Robert with the lifts and luckily it paid off.

Daisy and Aljaz danced a cha cha to ” Forget You”. We won’t forget that cha cha . It was fun, flirty, full of sass. Loved the 1950’s diner theme. Daisy appears to be good at both ballroom and latin dances. A beautiful dancer. 



Danny and Oti performed a Viennese Waltz . Danny is a natural dancer and  great at both ballroom and latin. His posture was excellent. They glided gracefully across the floor. It was a dramatic performance.  Oti has turned Danny into a real showman. 


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