Strictly Week Four Review

Already we can see it’s going to be an explosive final if week four was anything to go by. The TEN paddle boards made an appearance already, three times no less.

Anastacia and Brendan danced the Rumba to ‘The Way We Were’ by Barbara Streisand

Anastacia looked amazing . It was a romantic and sensual Rumba. Anastacia really feels the music when she dances. It was hard dancing the first Rumba of the series but a lovely performance. 

Claudia and AJ danced the Foxtrot to ‘I Really Like You’ by Carly Ray Jepsen

Claudia looked pretty in pink. Claudia kept her topline throughout the dance. Her heel turns were good. For a small couple they moved well across the dance floor. I am really enjoying this partnership.


Daisy and Aljaz danced the Rumba to ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael

There was nothing careless about that dance. A ravishing Rumba. 

Danny and Oti danced the Quickstep to ‘I Won’t Dance’ by Fred Astaire


 One word WOW!! This guy can do no wrong . Danny is an all round sensational dancer/performer. Oti’s choreography is just amazing. She really knows how to bring out the best in Danny. It was like watching two professional dancers. I can’t wait for next week, to see what they pull out of the bag. 

Ed and Katya  danced the Paso Doble to ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler 


I feel Ed struggled a bit tonight with this dance. There was a lot to think about. Ed still gave it his all . Entertaining as always. Well done Ed. 

Greg and Natalie  danced the Salsa to ‘Wrapped By ‘ by Olly Murs

Greg and Natalie’s Salsa was full of energy, full of confidence.The lifts were great. Greg’s hip action and shimmies were impressive. 

Judge Rinder and Oksana danced the Viennese Waltz to ‘Boom Bang a Bang’ by Lulu


Come closer, come closer and listen…It brought me back to the days of watching ‘Heidi’. Judge Rinder really surprised me tonight. Robert’s footwork and overall dancing was very good. Craig said, ‘There’s a delicious dancer hidden underneath all that’. I have to agree with Craig .

Laura and Giovanni danced the Quickstep to ‘Ballroom Blitz’ by The Sweet


Despite being in the bottom two last week. Laura came back fighting this week. She kept her topline throughout the  dance, even though it was fast paced. Her footwork was neat but needs a bit more work.. I really like Laura doing ballroom.

Lesley and Anton danced the Charleston to ‘Won’t You Charleston With Me’ from The Boyfriend

Yet another great performance from this wonder woman. It was a cheeky charleston. Lesley looked gorgeous in green. Lesley and Anton really looked like they had a ball . A joy to watch . 

Louise and Kevin danced the Foxtrot to ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’ by Amy Winehouse

Louise was a lady in red tonight. Loved the 60’s theme. The Foxtrot is not an easy dance. Louise footwork was excellent. They were beautiful to watch . 

Naga and Pasha danced the Charleston to ‘Minnie The Mermaid’ by Firehouse Five Plus Two


I feel this was Naga’s best dance so far. Naga was full of confidence and really looked like she was enjoying the dance .  It was full of fun. Well done Naga. You are coming out of your shell 😉

Ore and Joanne danced the Jive to ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars


They won’t be running anywhere after that show stopping Jive .The kicks and flicks and Ore’s energy was off the chart. Amazing choreography once again from Joanne. Len said, ‘Move over Jay’. A fantastic partnership. They have raised the bar tonight. 


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