Monday Motivation


Hello everyone, another week is upon us and before I get into this blog post. I would like to welcome my new followers. Thank you all so much for your likes, comments and support. I do hope this blog inspires and uplifts you in some way. 

Today smile at your accomplishments.

 Look at how far you have come on this journey of life. Be proud of the person you are today and the amazing person you are becoming. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. 


© Maxmitzu |

Everything you need, your happiness, courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you. Take time to go within. 

You can only give your best to others . When you are in touch with the best in yourself.


It’s good to leave each day behind, like flowing water, free of sadness. Yesterday is gone and it’s tale told. Today new seeds are growing. – Rumi 

Let’s plant seeds of love and kindness.


Wishing you a week of joyful moments

❤ Elle x