Spring Cleaning 

Makeup brushes are the most important step in achieving a polished make up look. So it is most important to keep your makeup brushes clean . I would recommend washing your brushes once a week.

I discovered this Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Glove in my local pharmacy and decided to try it out today.

Brush Cleaning How To:

Add a natural cleaning solution and water to the glove and swirl the brush on the section of the glove that says “Wash” to begin cleansing.

Place the brush under running water and then sweep the brush back and forth on the section of the glove that says “Rinse” to remove makeup residue etc

Swirl the brush over the section of the glove that says “Refine” for deep cleaning.

Reshape brush bristles by placing the brush head on the section of the glove that says “Shape” while squeezing to remove any excess water.

Ta Da Clean Makeup Brushes 😀

I discovered this amazing invention that makes drying your makeup brushes a lot easier. It has 26 holes for makeup brushes and speeds up the drying process. It folds away when not in use .

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I purchased this makeup brush stand @

Source: Collapsible Air Drying Makeup Brushes Holder – Makeup Brush Stand – Makeup Brush Dryer Stand

I hope you found this helpful .

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