Mindful MAY

It’s  Mindful May . So my mission today is to lighten the mood and help you all feel a little more positive about the month ahead.


You Are Enough Just As You Are . Instead of constantly searching for outside resources to feel worthy or happy, remember you have a treasure within you to face any challenge that may present itself to you . Challenges help us to grow and strengthen on a Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual level.



If you have a plan or goal to get fit and healthy this month .
First of all visit your medical practitioner before making any changes to her diet and exercise regieme.
Don’t be too hard on yourself , take it a day at a time and one step at a time . Make small changes .
It takes 30 days to change a habit so be mindful of that.
Reward yourself each week with maybe pampering bath with essential oils or whatever you would like to do to motivate yourself to keep going .
You can do it !


Eighty percent of success is s up and following through...


It all about feeling good about yourself Believing in yourself.
Loving yourself .
Surrounding yourself with people that love and support you .
Taking a holistic approach .
Hydrate and nourish your body and get plenty of sleep.

Here’s to a happy and healthy month of May 👍


I appreciate your presence here, thank you.

Please check back for more tips and tools to help you feel good from the inside out .