Wellness Wednesday

Today’s blog post is all about our

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Holistic health is about the total wellbeing of a person which includes physical health, diet, fitness, mental health and emotional health. Most people do not realize that their state of mind and emotions have a huge impact on physical health. Have you ever noticed how easily you catch a cold when you are under stress, or how some people lose weight when they go through intense emotional pain or how some people overeat when they have problems and end up gaining weight? That is because there is a strong connection between the mindset, the emotions and the physical body.

The Power of Positivity: We under-estimate the power of the mind and hardly understand why the power of positivity is preached. That is because the mind is powerful and it determines whether we are successful or failures in life, or whether we are healthy or unhealthy. Maintain a positive mindset under all circumstances and you will overcome a lot of adversities and illnesses.

Emotions are powerful: It is the state of mind that we maintain that determines how we feel. Unfortunately how we feel can make us ill, fail, and lose if it is negative (e.g. hatred, despair, anger, resentment, greed, guilt and envy). How we feel can also make us healthy, successful and win if it is positive (e.g. love, compassion, hope, and kindness). Researchers at the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have said “psychological factors might influence immunity and immune system mediated disease.” The study also found “substantial evidence that factors such as stress, negative affect [emotions], clinical depression, social support, and repression/denial can influence both cellular and humoral [lymphatic fluid] indicators of immune status and function.”

Therefore if you are interested in health, keep a positive mindset, manage your stress, and watch your emotions to make sure that they are positive. If you catch yourself thinking negatively and feeling negative about a situation or a person or a nation, quickly change. You will find yourself feeling happier and achieving more in life.


Stay Healthy and Happy