Strictly Movies Week Review

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YAY, it’s Strictly Movie Week !


We went la la for the amazing opening number . The make-up , hair, costumes were outstanding. And as for the SCD Band and singers , they never fail to deliver. Well done to the entire Strictly Team.


Here are my thoughts on Strictly Movies Week .

Alexandra and Gorka danced the American Smooth to Wouldn’t It Be Lovely from My Fair Lady

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It was indeed lovely. The American Smooth brought out a sweet and softer side to Alexandra this week. Alexandra was light on her feet and played the character to perfection. The girl can do no wrong. Latin/Ballroom she can do it all. Love Gorka’s choreography.

Aston and Janette danced a  Cha Cha to Can’t Stop The Feeling from Trolls

Can I commend the strictly hair, makeup , costumes for this duo  Brilliant!! I just adore this partnership, they are perfectly matched in stature and talent. It was a cha cha with a blend of hip hop. Can’t stop the feeling of wanting to keeping watching these two dance dance dance again.

Brian and Amy danced the American Smooth to If I Only Had A Brain from The Wizard Of Oz

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This performance was much better than last week. Loved Amy’s choreography . Brian executed the lifts well and his timing was good . They were a delight to watch.

Charlotte and Brendan danced a Tango to Danger Zone from Top Gun

Loved the opening scene. This dance was much better than last week. There were a few mistakes but Charlotte is improving each week.

Davood and Nadiya danced a Samba to Stayin’ Alive From Saturday Night Fever

2017-10-08 06.38.40.jpg

Davood puts everything into his performance each week . It was better than last week . Good hips , maybe over enthusiastic pelvic thrusts but we certainly had a fever after this full on fun Samba/disco dance.

Debbie and Giovanni danced a Quickstep to Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off from Shall We Dance?

Debbie continues to capture the essence of each dance she performs. It was like watching two professional dancers . Pure Class!

Gemma and Aljaz danced a Charleston to The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book

2017-10-08 06.29.07.jpg

A charismatic Charleston and  fun dance to watch. Adore Aljaz choreography it really brought out their personalities.

Joe and Katya danced the Viennese Waltz to Somewhere My Love from Doctor Zhivago

2017-10-08 06.36.38.jpg

Joe is becoming a serious contender in this competition. His floor craft was excellent and technique. His frame was good. A beautiful romantic Viennese Waltz. Katya is an amazing dancer and choreographer and super stylish lady.

Jonnie an Oti danced the Paso Doble to The Raiders March from Indiana Jones

2017-10-08 06.34.38.jpg

Jonnie’s best dance so far. He played the character of Indiana Jones well. A passionate paso performance. Oti brings out the best in her celeb partners through her choreography.

Mollie and Aj danced the American Smooth to Climb Every Mountain from The Sound Of Music

2017-10-07 19.02.48.jpg

A beautiful American Smooth. Molly’s topline/frame was gorgeous. They will climb the leaderboard quickly with performances like that.

Rev. Richard and Dianne danced the Paso Doble to Flash’s Theme from Flash Gordon

2017-10-08 06.31.33.jpg

Rev. Richard puts one hundred percent into every performance. It was a fun dance to watch.  An unforgettable performance.

Ruth and Anton danced a Rumba to Diamond’s Are Forever from James Bond (Diamonds Are Forever)

2017-10-07 18.53.31.jpg

Ruth looks sensational with the long blonde wig this week. It really suits her. Rumba is one of the most difficult dances and Ruth appeared a little stiff and did’t really get into the sensuality of the dance. But love this partnership.

Simon and Karen danced a Quickstep to You’ve Got A Friend In Me from Top Story

2017-10-08 06.30.13.jpg

Simon looked like he was having so much fun during this dance.  His timing was good and he has the potential to do well .

Susan and Kevin danced a Samba to Wonder Woman (Theme) From Wonder Woman

2017-10-08 06.35.08.jpg

This lady never fails to entertain us. This was such a fun dance that we could not stop watching . Just adore Kevin’s imaginative choreography. Love love loved it!



Image: © 2017 BBC


Image: © 2017 BBC

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