Strictly Week Five Review 

From a Passionate Paso to a Captivating Rumba, it was an amazing night of dance and entertainment.

Here Are My thoughts on Week Five on Strictly Come Dancing 

Alexandra and Gorka danced the Samba to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

2017-10-21 20.00.11.jpg

Well this partnership is shaping up to be finalists if they keep up this standard . A sizzling Samba 🔥

Aston and Janette danced a Waltz to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley (MREE Cover)

2017-10-21 19.29.39.jpg

It was nice to see Aston and Janette slow things down this week and show us their softer side . And it did not disappoint . I think we all fell in love with that beautiful contemporary waltz.


Brian and Amy danced the Jive to It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones

2017-10-21 19.14.07.jpg

I just adored the theme. Brian puts so much energy into his dances and is such a charismatic character . Love his facial expressions.

Davood and Nadiya danced the Jive to Tell Her About It by Billy Joel

2017-10-21 18.46.04.jpg

This upbeat dance suited Davood, he put his heart and soul into this dance . It was a lively energetic Jive .


Debbie and Giovanni danced the Rumba to Baby Can I Hold You Tonight by Tracy Chapman

2017-10-21 19.06.21.jpg

Another jaw dropping performance . To master that technique and routine in a week. Well done Debbie . The song/music was perfect for such an emotional performance.


Gemma and Aljaz danced the Foxtrot to Believe by Madilyn Bailey

2017-10-21 18.43.07.jpg

I just adore Aljaz choreography . Gemma is progressing into a graceful elegant dancer. I believe we will see them next week after that fabulous Foxtrot.

Joe and Katya danced a Paso Doble to Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriela

2017-10-21 19.53.16.jpg

Loved this flamenco style powerful passionate Paso Doble from Joe and Katya . The shaping and arm movements were good. Loved the choreography and characterization. You are a genius Katya Jones.


Jonnie and Oti danced the Quickstep to Part-Time Lover by Stevie Wonder

2017-10-21 20.07.02.jpg

This is Jonnie’s dance. He managed to keep a good frame considering the dance was so fast. Jonnie amazes me each week . They are such a dynamic duo.

Mollie and AJ danced the Viennese Waltz to Anyone Who Had A Heart by Cilla Black

2017-10-21 18.49.56.jpg

The story of the dance was beautiful and the opening captured us straight away. It was romantic , graceful and elegant. Mollie’s frame was beautiful and she followed AJ well. The rotations were smooth and effortless. Anyone who had a heart would love that Viennese Waltz too. I feel this was Mollie’s best dance.


Ruth and Anton danced the Samba to Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young

2017-10-21 19.36.18.jpg

Well done to the costume department , Anton’s shirt deserved a 10 😄👏He is the king of charisma and flair. Ruth looked sensational as always and appeared to love every minute of the dance too.

Simon and Karen danced the Charleston to Fit As A Fiddle (and ready for love) by Gene Kelly

2017-10-21 18.57.32.jpg

Love the song the outfits and the energy of the performance. The dance may have lacked swivel but Simon performed his socks off with charm.😆

Susan and Kevin danced the Cha Cha to Shoutout To My Ex by Little Mix

2017-10-21 18.42.46.jpg

Shoutout to Susan and Kevin for another entertaining performance . Susan is so light on her feet and her face reveals  the joy she feels when she is dancing.  It may not have been technically perfect but Susan and Kevin are a joy to watch .

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