2018 Health And Wellness Trends


2018 is here and as expected with the New Year comes resolutions. Of these resolutions, health and wellness top the list. New trends are inevitable. Some call them passing fads, but some trends pass the test of time to be carried over from the previous year. From super foods to cutting-edge workouts, here are some of the latest trends in the health and wellness “industry”.

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No year passes without introduction or re-introduction of a body workout regimen. This year is no different:

  • Low-intensity steady-state cardio – In the previous year, the higher the intensity of the workout the high up it ranked. However, in 2018 tempo has slowed down and the low-intensity steady-state cardio is gaining popularity. Think of slow-jogging, walking or going slow on the stationery bike in the gym. These kind of activities are capping the heart rate at 60%. This allows you to involve the mind in the whole exercise.
  • Taking fitness on the vertical – this trend is not for those who fear heights. These fitness routines involve circus-inspired routines and aerial yoga. These involve suspending yourself on a piece of fabric and building stability. The exercises are looking to build core strength and ultimately flexibility. Talk of taking the elevating the fitness literary!

Organic foods

Many people have been conscious of organic foods but this year the hype is going a notch higher. Here are some of the foods people are “organically” going crazy about.

  • Organic coffee – Coffee has been around for ages. It is the most highly consumed beverage in America. While most didn’t care where the coffee beans came from, the trend is changing. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crop. With all the info out there on the dangers of pesticides, many people are now seeking USDA-certified organic coffee beans.
  • Organic wine – In line with organic farming, grapes that make organic wine are grown without use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Some people swear organic wine tastes better.


Some of the foods ignored earlier have now been elevated to new heights – superfoods heights.

  • Hemp seeds – Hemps seeds, rated high as a good source of vegetable protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, should be expected to be on a boom demand soon. Interestingly, marijuana and hemp are from the same species, however the latter lack the psychoactive component of cannabis (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, THC).
  • Cheese – A number of studies have shown Swiss cheese as loaded with goodies such as bacteria that reduces inflammation, good sources of HDL (the good fat) and that it boosts heart health. Who would have thought cheese would make it here!

Activated charcoal – Activated charcoal popularity is likely to increase this year. It has been hailed as a detox essential. Many people are incorporating it in their drinks, lattes and even in protein shakes. Next on, it will be added in unlikely foods such as oily chips and the sweetest of ice creams. Besides ingestion, activated charcoal is also being used to remove toxins from the skin. The beauties are slathering it on their faces as face masks to sap out the toxins hiding beneath the skin.



With the stresses of life on the rise, adaptogens are a trend this year. Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that research has shown to lower the stress hormone, boost immunity, fight inflammation and fight fatigue.

What Health and Wellness trends Will You Be Following this year?


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