It’s 2018 and everything’s been covered. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Perfectly flawless hair and makeup? Double check. But hey? Forgot your nails, didn’t we? Don’t need to fret; we’ve compiled top trending nail art designs for you;

Petal Nails
The very chic design looks incredibly beautiful, sophisticated and doesn’t look hard at all to create. Some nice warm to medium tone colors and you’ve got yourself some pretty magical fingers

nails 1

Gilded Honey
This beautifully regal look on your fingers looks incredibly pleasing. It can either be matte or normal but we suggest you go with a top layer of transparent shine. It’s a look for the Oscars!

nails 2

The Cat Eye
For a darker, more sophisticated look, Cat Eye’s is the one. With its contrasting triangular design, it will definitely compliment you well on a night out.

nails 3

The Checkerboard French Mani
Take your French manicure up a notch. The checkered style looks extremely chic is very easy to do, all you need is a black and a white nail polish and you are done!

nails 4

Tri Texture Nails
Two’s great but have you tried going three? Mixed texture from mattes, glossy and metallic nail polishes creates a funky new texture that everyone just seems to adore. The contrast should be on the same level of every color you choose and you’re good to go.

nails 5

Ocean Blue Tips
Summer’s approaching and you’re probably going to start wearing more vibrant colors and the blue painted tips are absolutely gorgeous. With a purple, yellow or even red dress, the blue tips complement the whole look.

nails 6

Fishnet Nails
The Fishnet Nails give your whole look a vibrant sultry vibe. Just add a lighter base coat and make checkered diamonds or squares with a darker color and you’re done. You’ll love if you’ve got a thing for lacy net stockings!

nails 7