The year 2017 was all about experimenting with neon colors and bold cuts. Ramps were flooded with super sleek and straight hairdos, fancy hair accessories and pigtails which were short-lived.

This year we are looking forward more practical and wearable hairstyles. Imagine shorter cuts, above jaw fringes and bob look. Who else carries this better than Duchess of Cambridge.

hair 1

Updo throwback:

Be prepared to see a lot of throwback hair do’s this coming spring. You can wear your hair tucked in neatly at the back or that fancy ponytail with a hair accessory that will come out of your bottom jawline.

hair 2

Boy cuts and Bobs:

Brand Ambassador of Charles Worthington , Ken O’ Rourke has predicted that boyish looks and bowl cuts will make a major come back in the year 2018. Think of Linda Evangelista from ‘80s her type of looks . If you ask me , it’s a relief that it’s coming back as its great for all ages and the best thing is they require less amount of hair styling when you are on the go . so win-win.

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Windy affair:

Nothing can make you look your best then your natural texture. This season doesn’t mean undone hairdo’s instead it will all be about accepting your natural looks. Forget the tong waves, perfectly rolled waves and come to a rawer look which will be more natural to features.

You can flip it sideways like an 80s fashion or use a little bit of hair product of your choice. Styles are unlimited with that kind of look.

hair 4

Plaits and tails:

How can we not include those plaits and long tails in our spring summer fashion trends? They are so classy that they almost go with every look. Much sleeker, cleaner and trendy they are. They are sure to stay this season.

hair 5

I hope this inspired you all as we step into Spring.

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