Happy Easter


Easter is about two things; family and food. It is a fun filled, joyful festival. For many people this festival has become synonymous to springtime fun and holidays. If you are a Christian, then you know its importance; if you are a pagan, then you have your own beliefs too. So let it be anyone, everyone has their own rituals and religious beliefs. Apart from this, Easter is all about pastels, delectable sweets, fun egg hunt games, and variety of sweets. It is like a treat of holidays in amidst of the spring season. It is ideally the first chance to party in the springs.

We all love Easter parties and the egg hunt games. So if you are hosting an Easter party this year, then here I am with few tips for having an amazing Easter (I have some tips for vegans too).

Tip 1- Do Not Forget The Eggs

Easter is nearly incomplete without eggs. And if you have kids around, then use their enthusiasm for painting the ceramic eggs before the party. You can find these readily available in market, so you can use them in your party too. Nowadays, you can also find vegan, diabetic and gluten-free Easter eggs in the market. Get your hand on these too, just for the time if you need them.

Tip 2- Go For Bright Colors

Easter is ideally all about pastels. But why not think out of the box, and go for more lively, bright spring colors. So skip the pastel palette, and theme your party with something like hot pink or bright yellow. After all this is the first opportunity to party in the springs.

Tip 3- Fill The Easter Baskets With Sweets

There are a variety of Easter goodies available in the market. Just go for something interesting and let everyone enjoy the delicious treats. For vegans, earlier finding vegan candies was a tedious job, but now deciding which one you should go for has become a difficult thing. So you can go for chocolate peanut butter eggs, vegan English cream eggs or Cadbury eggs.

Tip 4- Ask For Help With Meal

You can always ask your family for help in meal preparation instead of doing it all alone. You can also try pot luck style meal, wherein you just need to serve main course and drinks. Your guests can bring in side items, salads and desserts. This way some of your stress of preparing meal will be off you. And your guests will be able to enjoy specials made by your family.

Tip 5- Do Not Forget About Kids’ Snacks

Kids are the pickiest eaters. So always keep certain dishes in your menu that no kid can resist. Normally, pasta, fruits, and chicken nuggets should do the trick. However, if you feel you have some particular eater attending, then do not delay in making a phone call to his/her parents.

Tip 6- Take A Picture Before Hunt Game

Kids would be on their toes in anticipation of the big egg hunt game. Take a group picture before this big game begins. The elders can utilize this time for hiding eggs too, as the kids will be distracted.

Tip 7- Set Some Ground Rules For The Egg Hunt

You should set some rules beforehand for this most anticipated game. For example, set some boundaries for search, age limit, and so on. Read these rules to the kids before you start the game. This will help in causing less fuss around.

Tip 8- You Can Plan For An Alternate Search Game For Adults Too

The traditional Easter egg hunt game is fun, but why can’t one try something else. You can replace the old-fashioned egg hunt game with some other creative search games and set up prizes for different goals. This way all the participants will have a chance to win, and hence they will be much more excited in playing games. For example, you can try a simple photo game. Make a list of all the things available in your backyard, and ask the searchers to find them with photographs. Whoever finds it will receive a point, and at the end some reward to the winner.

But if you still prefer Easter egg hunt games, then you can surely opt for that anytime. After all it is tradition for a reason. Vegans can try and veganize this little game by filling the reusable eggs with sweet treats.

Tip 9- Do Not Be Afraid For Starting New Traditions

There is always a family tradition for Easter, and we hold that near and dear. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot start few new events too. So try something new when you host the party. Who knows, in coming years even those activities can become your family tradition for Easter.

These are few tips I would like to share with you if you are planning to host Easter party this year. If you have any more suggestions, then please do leave your comments in section below. Happy Easter, happy holidays.