Fashion month of the year is finished so let’s take a look at the best street styles from fashion weeks SS18. From baggy jingle tee shirts to the fancy trainer collab, London streets are the best place to check out for your upcoming season’s fashion statements. You better keep an eye out for some high heels, big tote bags and those fringe n bob haircuts which will be roaming the streets and making their go.

Is Orange the new black?

Looks like it certainly is if you look around! We can’t say why this different color is making its rounds maybe it has something to do with the slightly off look, like something unique and different. You have to be very confident to wear this look, I’m sure all the trendy fashionistas will ace it with their matching accessories and high heels.


Hat lady:

Models and fashion editors are the first to start any fashion statement anywhere. And this season we saw almost all of them wearing matching hats with their dresses be it casuals or formals. Kaia Gerber who is model of this season was seen wearing a newsboy cap. If you are a selfie freak then guess what , hats make your selfie come out much much better because its gonna be in your picture for sure unlike your tote or that new heel you just bought.



Denim will never be out of fashion, it will always keep coming back better each time. This season we saw that Parisian Elegant look which models incorporated into their wardrobe, so what’s not to love about denim, right?

It doesn’t really matter where you live, you will always see someone in jeans walking around you. Straight leg fitted jeans or plain ones, denim look will always be rocking the fashion ramps every season.