The Crystal Craze…

The Crystal Craze…Crystal Healing and Its holistic benefits.

Indeed there is a crystal craze going on now, referring to the healing powers contained in the different types and colors of crystals. This discovery has led to an alternative medical treatment that has proved to be potent for so many. These crystals are very beautiful to behold and can also serve as decorative articles to bring wholeness and charm into your living space because of the positive energy it radiates.

These precious stones have been passed down from one generation to another with great healing virtues and powerful transforming auras. Even if you don’t believe in its healing capabilities, you can just appreciate the beauty of these gemstones. Fill your home with them to produce a healthily balanced aura within your living space. Here are the different types of crystals and the type of virtues in each one.

What is Crystal Healing?

This is the healing art of using the mineral components of the earth to bring about healing and complete wholeness. These mineral components are contained in crystals that come in many types based on their color and type of energy they emit.

The process of crystal healing is achieved by maintaining a healthy balance between all the components of the body, soul, and spirit. Whenever a part of the body is out of order due to stress or illness, the crystals are used to tune it back to shape with the use of the special energy vibrations that each crystal emits.

Types of Crystals

White or Clear Quartz

This crystal has a lot to do with all-round strength and vigor. With these, one can have access to all the positive energy that they come with and utilize them. Because it is white in color, it promotes purity and cleaning producing clarity in times of confusion. With it, you can tap into some of the universal energy for balance, and also to transmit it for healing purposes.

An example of this is the moonstone. Abdominal tensions and digestive issues with other emotional tensions can be released by the use of the moonstone. This crystal can bring about the healing for anyone experiencing one abdominal and digestive pain or the other. There are instances where this has helped reduce the usual female menstrual pains, leaving the abdominal stress and tension free.

Pink or Rose Quartz

This pink crystal always brings things out of hiding; it makes things to be revealed. It is the author of sensitivity and emotion. A typical example of the pink crystal is the rose quartz which brings peace and quietness within one’s inner being. If you have been bottling up some feelings that have maybe hindered your relationship with others or tampered with your total wholeness and well-being. Then the rose quartz would help release all bottled up emotions, emptying oneself of every garbage of the past for a fresh start.

Red or Ruby

These precious red stones bring lots of excitement, motivation, and strength. They are connected with one’s skill to use regular proactive abilities and physical endurance abilities, and with zeal, inspiration and security. One of the great examples of the red crystal is the ruby that is so magnificent creating real balance in the center of the human – which is in the heart. Of you would like that it will deal with all the matters of the heart since its color relates to love, excitement and great vitality.

If you have experienced emotional disappointments that have led to heart breaking sadness, then you should consider using this ruby for a cure. It does not matter how far long you have gone down into the pit of depression, use the red crystal’s energy to revitalize your heart. It will bring in a new surge of energy and motivation that would eliminate other negative forces of depression.

Green Crystals

These crystals promote balance in association with others and the inner peace within us. It removes all traces of sadness while instilling joy and happiness. With this type of crystal around, you will be able to draw from its positive, joyful energy to keep yourself elated no matter the pressure experienced in daily routines.

It is also referred to as the amazonite crystal which has powers to cure lung problems and also heals throat diseases. Some people in the past have benefited  from its healing powers to get rid of different types of lungs and throats infections. If you are interested in alternative medical practice, you could try it.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

  • It produces all round peace, brings about clarity and causes the ability to concentrate on things. All this is because it takes the stress out of our lives.
  • It is used as a detoxification agent, removing all pains and aches, thereby producing more vitality for work.
  • With crystals, negative emotions are released, instilling better positive emotions of joy, laughter, and
  • It helps us to be spiritual sound, filled with the zeal and eagerness to fulfill a purpose.
  • It has powerful healing powers to cure some kinds of diseases associated with the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and other systems of the body.
  • These healing crystals ensure that our whole being is sound, spirit, soul and body. It is not just about healing the body parts, but about healing our emotions, improving our desires and keeping our spirits and body sound.

I do hope you found this informative and helpful .

Stay Healthy and Happy

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