Mindful March


March will soon be here, and we would welcome spring with lots of excitement. The most prevailing of all will be thoughts of the wonderful scenery, the beautiful sight of nature splashed before our eyes. This is the best time to improve in our practice of mindfulness. We need to enjoy the spring; we need to enjoy our lives just the way we are, right here and right now.

Mindfulness is purposefully concentrating on the present moment. This sounds easy, but somehow difficult to accomplish. Especially when confronted with some many distracting issues that bugs our minds.

Not to worry, keep all anxiety out and focus intentionally on your actions each day. I will provide some tips to help you relax, meditate and keep all stress away throughout the month of March.

How to Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is inherent in all of us, lying dormant within, waiting to be tapped and expounded. Always focus on what you are thinking at every moment, when you can control your thoughts, then your emotions and feelings can be put in check as well. So, the key to mastering mindfulness lies in you mastering the thoughts you allow every moment.

Keep a check on your thoughts; try to always keep it on present activities. If you are walking down a path, focus your thought on that activity only. Enjoy your walk by capturing the breathtaking events around, and then you will realize what you have been missing out on all along. Stay mindful throughout March with these daily meditation and relaxation exercises.

Day 1 – Do a Total Scan of Your Body

Mindfulness is to nonjudgmentally focus on the present with purpose. Focus on your body today, every single part, taking note of what you feel in each part. Through meditation do a total scan of your body to create a sound connection between your mind and body.

Day 2 – Be Mindful While Eating

Focus on eating healthy meals to provide the right nutrition for every part. Spend the time today to explore on ways to keep the body nourished with sugar-free healthy diet.

Day 3 – Do Daily Chores Mindfully

Train yourself to concentrate on the present today by focusing one all your chores, do not let your mind wander off. Keep it where you are one your chores.

Day 4 – Inhale and Exhale

Help yourself to come back to the present by taking in your breath and releasing it after two counts.

Day 5 – Focus While You Walk

Consciously concentrate on all aspects of your walking today, let your mind stay on the road and on your legs. Stay mindful as you walk.

Day 6 – Stay Mindful While Driving

Let your mind stay on the act of driving, and keep it focused on the road as you drive today.

Day 7 – Listen with Purpose

Today, practice the act of listening attentively to all those that starts a conversation with you. Don’t let your mind slip away wandering off to other things when listening to someone.

Day 8 – Release Your Emotions

Set free all lingering feelings, emotions, thoughts that might want to weigh down on you today.

Day 9 – Observe You

Take time out throughout today to focus on yourself and your environment. Enjoy all you see.

Day 10 – Use the Help of a Life Coach

Spend time throughout this day to seek the help of a life coach to evaluate your success level.

Day 11 – Intentionally Focus on Nature

Consciously spend the whole day today outdoors, releashing the beauty of nature. Stay mindful on nature.

Day 12 – Live in Solitude

Take time to separate yourself for all activities and everyone and meditate in solitude.

Day 13 – Live Very Simply

Detach yourself from all luxuries and exotic lifestyle. Use today to live a very simple live and enjoy it.

Day 14 – Act Fearlessly

Let go of all fear, and anything that keeps you tensed up today. Take fearless steps today.

Day 1 5 – Give Generously

Intentionally give your all to someone today. Give your energy, time, talent and treasures to others.

Day 16 – Enjoy Freshness

Accept with great joy the newness of the day, month, or the year. Celebrate the freshness in nature.

Day 17 – Be Compassionate

Love yourself and be compassionate to yourself and other around you.

Day 18 – Laughter

Intentionally have several moments of laughter today.

Day 19 – Alternative Breathing

Utilize the ancient nostril breathing technique for relaxation

Day 20 – Morning Meditations

Rise before anyone else and practice meditation.

Day 21 – Night Meditations

Just before going to bed at night, take time out to meditate.

Day 22 – Do not Judge

Use today to practice the act of not judging yourself or anyone. Focus on this throughout the day,

Day 23 – Moving Meditations

Also learn to meditate while moving by practicing it today, while running, jogging, and while in any other motion filled activity.

Day 24 – Depend on the Divine

Learn to depend on the divine force that is greater than you, by practicing to do so today.

Day 25 – Be grateful

Remember all the things you are to be grateful for and put them down in a list.

Day 26 – Let Go and Accept

Use today to practice the great discipline of letting go of unpleasant situations and accept things you can’t change.

Day 27 – Use Your Mind as a Garden

Grow the beautiful flowers of positive present thoughts in the garden of your mind today.

Day 28 – Manage Anger

Take note of when anger starts to rise within you, use your thoughts to manage it.

Day 29 – Be Peaceful

Take time out today and practice being peaceful with yourself, your environment, and everyone else.

Day 30 – Practice Safety

Learn the act of keeping yourself, with those around you safe.

Day 31 – Putting it All Together

Use all the skills you have practiced throughout this month together in your normal daily activities.

How to remain optimistic in 2018

Sometimes being optimistic is considered as bad. However, it is not. Optimism always stays in the limit. There will be no fantasies in it. It creates a hypothetical opportunity to do best and give best. For example, you are a football fan and watching a football game. In a do or die match of FIFA world cup, your favorite team is losing. What will you do? What can you do? There is nothing in your control expect prayers, wishes, hope, and optimism. Your team needs three-goal in last ten minutes. Is it possible? Yes. However, in the real world, it is near to impossible. However, not impossible. This is where optimistic people come in. They not only hope that their team may win, but they are so optimistic that, they think their team has a chance of winning the FIFA world cup. This is how your life is. It does not matter what happened in your life until 2017. The New Year is here. If you cannot change too many things, at least you can be optimistic. Optimism brings in happiness and confidence. This will lead to the success. In this article, we will guide you to how to remain optimistic in 2018.

  1. 1. Do not forget past and stay in your present

Many times, you read or heard this line. Except for the past part. People say forget the past and move on. No this is not entirely right. This is only good when you have faced too much of trauma, abuse or any kind of torture. If you have faced difficulties, challenges, and failures, then you should not forget them. They are the ones, which will keep you motivated. They will make sure that you do not repeat the mistake. By staying in present, you are looking at your future. If you work well now your future will be better. That is the optimism you should have.

  1. Think and sink that you will be happy

Being happy is the key. Nobody knows what is there for you in your future. Then why worry about it. However, not worrying does not mean you should not try to find precautions for the future. If you do not have petrol in your car, then you cannot drive your car. The car needs the fuel to move forward. That is why you need happiness in your life. This will help you to lead your life in a good way. The optimism that makes you feel and stay happy will lead you to happiness in 2018.

  1. Optimistic about the external influence

Why do you always want to be in a pessimistic zone? It is because of external influence. It may be politics, your friends, your family and it may be the weather. You can control your friends and family. But not the weather and political influence on your life. Because they need a collective effort. So try to limit the negative effect of the external influence and stay in the world of optimism. However, thinking that the rain outside your window will provide water for drinking, cools your planet and brings stability to the environment, you will have an optimistic life. If the politics is very bad then it can only get better from there. They are how you can be optimistic.

  1. Expect the reward for your work

Many people in the world work hard but do not get the reward they want. It happened to me. I needed the reward for my work very badly. I faced tough times. I did not get the reward when I needed it the most. I still do. I still do not have the reward. However, I am optimistic in this year of 2018. It calms my brain nerves. It makes me feel good. It keeps all the negative thoughts away from my mind. I do not know when I will get the reward. However, there is an optimism, which keeps me active and alive. Therefore, you need to feel that your work will not go unnoticed. You will get recognition. You will get your reward. Hope for the best.

  1. Meeting friends and family

This is one of the best ways to stay optimistic. How? At times, you may feel that there is no one in this world, who loves you. However, no you are wrong. Your friends and the family members love you. This will make you feel that you are wanted in this world. You will bring freshness to this world.

  1. Consider responsibility as love but not as work

Recently, I went through a tough time. I am still going through that phase. However, the responsibilities I have on my shoulders started to feel less weight, when I considered it as my love and care for my family instead of responsibility or the work. Love your work and love your responsibility.

  1. Play with babies and kids

If you have kids or babies, then you are blessed to have a greatest optimistic thing in your life. They keep you motivated, fresh, happy and occupied. All your stress will go out. If you do not have, kids then play with kids and babies in your neighborhood. Try it to believe it.

  1. Charity, help and faith on humanity

Do as much charity as you can. Help people. I do it whenever i get the chance to. When i go out on bike, if I see someone walking then I ask him whether i can drop him to nearest place to his destination in my route. It gives me happiness. I want to do it as much as possible. Only money cannot be. This will restore your faith and that person’s faith on the humanity. This is the best form of optimism.

I hope you find this helpful

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Monday Motivation

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Stay Healthy and Happy in 2018!



Wellness Wednesday 

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Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special


What an all star line up for the Strictly Christmas Special.

Ainsley Harriott and Karen Clifton danced a Jive inspired from Home Alone.

It was great to see Ainsley and Karen ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’.



Gethin Jones and Chloe Hewitt danced a Polar Express themed Quickstep.

It was great to see Chloe paired up with a celebrity for the Christmas special, what a beautiful dancer. Gethin never lost it . A gorgeous performance.




Melvin Odoom and Janette Manrara danced a Charleston to a song from Elf. 

So excited to see Melvin and Janette back together again. A perfect pairing. A cheeky Charleston that suited their personalities . 



Frankie Bridge and Gorka Marquez danced a Charleston to Let it Go from Frozen.

This dance would warm the coldest heart. Frankie is such a graceful and elegant dancer. A magical performance. They received the last TEN from Len 🔟 So emotional😢



Pamela Stephenson and Pasha Kovalev danced a Cha Cha to a song from Love Actually.

Pamela jumped in and gave it everything she had. Love Pasha’s choreography. An enjoyable  performance.



Denise Lewis and Anton Du Beke danced a Viennese Waltz  to a song from Meet Me In St. Louis.

I just adored this dance from Denise and the king of ballroom Anton. Anton got a TEN from Len and Bruno 🔟🔟 .




It’s all over for another series, but what a series it has been.

Roll on Strictly 2017!



Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year . Let’s dance with life in a happy and healthy and positive way with style and grace in 2017.



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Strictly Come Dancing Musical Week


But first let’s relive this brilliant pro group dance on last Sunday night’s results show.

Ed Balls and Katya and Judge Rinder and Oksana were in the dance off in Week 10 .

We said goodbye to Ed and Katya. They will be dearly missed. They were a joy to watch each week.  Ed really inspired people to not take themselves too serious and give every opportunity that comes along everything you have got.


 Here is their Strictly Journey.





Danny and Oti will  be dancing the Tango to ‘One Night Only’ from Dreamgirls. 

Ore and Joanne will be dancing the Foxtrot to ‘Pure Imagination’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Louise and Kevin will be dancing the Quickstep to ‘The Deadwood Stage’ from Calamity Jane

Claudia and Aj will be dancing the Salsa to ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ from The Lion King 

Judge Rinder and Oksana will be dancing the Samba to ‘Oh! What A Night’ from Jersey Boys


This will get you in the mood for Musical Week on Strictly

Saturday 3rd December  7pm BBC One


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