Interior Trends 2018

Interior Trends 2018

When discussing interior trends 2018, the first thing to strike you is that people are interested in owning less. They want to use smart solutions that increase the quality of their lives. It should not surprise you to learn that the latest trends in 2018 revolve around multifunctional technology. From smart home devices to kitchen appliances, technology is helping people find solutions to help cut waste and improve the environment.

No to minimalism

Second, people are somewhat fed up with minimalism and they also feel that total white has become boring. The latest designs for 2018 involve the rediscovery of color. People are going for bold and saturated colors. Colors like blue and red and orange as well as yellow mustard are finding favor with people. This represents a comeback of the eighties, but there is also a lot of interest towards using color in any way possible.


Use of moveable items

Another trend that is catching on and which will shape 2018 is the use of movable items. This means that temporary and evolving as well as assembled and even disassembled items are back. The new generation lacks fixed roots, and people are changing their homes more often than in the past. This means that nomad designs are becoming very popular. These new designs need to be smart and affordable as well as easy to carry. The success of IKEA is an example of the latest interior trends 2018. They sell inexpensive and smart as well as easy furniture.

The raw look is in

2018 will see people choosing raw finished items. This reflects a desire of people to go back to essentials. Certain materials will be popular including marble and granite as well as raw wood and terrazzo. Their textures are sure to attract a lot of interest. Another popular trend for 2018 is the use of handmade products. These items are unique and somewhat imperfect.

Hybrid items are in

Another popular trend for 2018 is the use of hybrid items. These items represent a cultural mix. They also represent a style mix as well as contaminations. Since the world has become globalized people are becoming exposed to different cultures. Also, since the cost of travel has come down, more and more people are traveling to different parts of the world. People are also migrating to the West and all of these factors have generated a new interest in cross-cultural items. Today, the latest interior trends 2018 include a mixture of various moods. The Japandi interior trend is very much in vogue and the same goes for the Wabi Sabi Japanese philosophy.

Earthy look

The earthy look is also trending, and the same goes for minimalist designs. The use of marble wallpapers is a staple of the more luxurious homes. They decorate the walls and floors and at the same time marble is also very affordable. 2018 will also see the use of different metals. People will want to mix metals, which creates a very stunning result. A combination of brass and nickel in the kitchen will make it look very attractive.

The bottom line is that when checking interior trends 2018, one should choose something that makes one feel good. There is no need to stay abreast with all latest trends. Simply choose something that suits your interiors.

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